On assignment

Sorry I’ve been a little irregular posting here. I’ve been spending most of my precious free time here preparing to go on assignment, producing a radio documentary in Washington State all next week. I’m hoping to get back to a more regular posting schedule here at Curran Events once I return.

Back in service

You may have thought I was slacking in my blog duties, or just forgot about you. But in fact, due to a big ‘oopsie’ by my web host, this blog and my web gallery have both been offline for the better part of a week. But now that they’re back in service, I will endeavor to catch up.

Now rechristened “Curran Events”

I’ve decided to rename this blog “Curran Events” (from its prosaic previous title: “Tim Curran’s Journal”). I figure, what good is it having an easily mis-heard last name unless you can exploit it for a pun once in a while?

Hello world!

This will make the third time in my adult life that I’ve tried to maintain some kind of journal. Back in 1994, I did it for a few weeks in July. Then, in 2001, I managed to sustain one for almost a year. I can’t say for certain that this one will fare any better. But I’ve found going over those older journals that they serve as really great snapshots of those particular moments. So even if I fail to maintain the discipline to keep writing at least an occasional entry, at least I’ll have a snapshot of this moment in my life. That seems worthwhile.